4th Annual Lake Tahoe Reggae Festival Featuring Pepper & Special Guests:

4th Annual Lake Tahoe Reggae Festival Featuring Pepper & Special Guests:

Ky Mani Marley, Israel Vibration & Roots Radics, Don Carlos, Mike Love

Saturday August 20

Doors: 4:00 pm / Show: 4:00 pm (event ends at 10:30 pm)

Hard Rock Outdoor Arena

Lake Tahoe, NV

$40 - $100

For more info and Rules and Regulations, please visit: http://hardrockcasinolaketahoe.com/entertainment-events/4th-annual-lake-tahoe-reggae-festival/

Children 12 and under are $10 and can only be purchased in person at the Boxoffice, day of show, with proof of adult ticket purchased. Children 6 and under are Free.

Lineup Subject to Change.


Kaleo Wassman – Vocals/Guitar
Bret Bollinger – Vocals/Bass
Yesod Williams – Drums

Ohana: The Hawaiian word for family, which is used to convey the sense of togetherness that transcends blood ties.

For Pepper paying homage to their roots is essential over a decade in to their celebrated career. The Southern California trio, who formed in 1997 and moved to the mainland from the three musicians' hometown of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 1999, know that where they come from should always be infused in the music they create. On Ohana, the group's seventh full-length album (4/29/16, LAW Records), Pepper embraces the feelings and sounds that encouraged them to become a band in the first place.

"Over our past few albums, we had been departing from our original sound and exploring new directions," Bret notes. "On this album, we wanted to come back to our classic style and revisit our roots. The writing and recording process was a conscious effort to do that."

"We wanted to strip the band down to its natural state," Kaleo adds. "We've always been a three-piece band with good songs and energy and our goal was to showcase that. We're all were really pleased with how the music came out and how it conveys the strengths of our band."

It was important to the musicians to self-produce Ohana, which marks the first time Pepper has helmed the production of one of their albums. From their 2000 debut Give'n It to their 2006 standout album No Shame, which was recorded with 311's Nick Hexum, No Doubt's Tony Kanal and Butthole Surfers' Paul Leary, Pepper has explored various methods of recording, always hoping to embody not only their signature style of music but their lifestyle in the songs. Ohana was recorded last fall in the band's own Kona Inn Recording Studio in Redondo Beach. The building is the former home of Pennywise's Stall #2 studio and embodies a positive vibe for Pepper, who have recently begun recording other artists in the space.

"It was time for us to take the reins," Bret says. "We've been through the process with several really cool producers in the past and we've learned a lot from them. We have the knowledge now and it's about not being complacent anymore. We wanted to do it ourselves, so it's from our family to yours."

"I really wanted to simplify everything and not overthink things," Yesod adds. "We wanted to go jam in a room and hit record. I think we found a great balance in the studio and the end result was pure Pepper, condensed down to its purest form. It was really gratifying to be in control of the process from start to finish and know that we created every aspect of the album."

The resulting album features Pepper's surf rock songs, showcasing the upbeat, positive vibe elements that make the band so beloved by their fans. There is, as usual, an ever-present sense of sunshine throughout the tracks, bolstering the music's sense of optimism. The party anthems, the beach hang melodies, the boisterous rhythms are all there, each song carefully crafted to best express sunny moments by the ocean. "Vacation," a fun, upbeat reggae-tinged number, was co-written by Bret and production duo Diji Parq and seems, to the band, like "the Beach Boys at their goofiest." The soulful "Never Ending Summer" is about taking full advantage of something before it ends while "Wait" evolved throughout the writing process and eventually became a propulsive crooner that feels like signature Pepper.

"Every song on this album is a great example of what we wanted to do," Kaleo says. "That's why there are only ten of them. We wanted to give the music our concentrated, focused attention. It's not about the singles, but about being a whole piece. That's why we gave it the most powerful name we know."

"Growing up in Hawaii your Ohana defines you," Yesod says. "It is you. And it's not just family through blood – it's family through spirithood, brotherhood and sisterhood. Ohana is truly the strongest bond that can ever be made. It's how we feel about each other as friends and as a band, and we wanted that spirit to come through in the music itself. These songs come together to create their own version of Ohana."

Over the years, Pepper have toured extensively with groups like 311, Slightly Stoopid, Flogging Molly and Sublime With Rome, and spent several summers on Warped Tour – and this live sensibility shows on the album, released on the group's own LAW Records. The band's music – both live and on their releases – is really about enjoying life and being grateful for each experience. They want to give their all to every performance and share their passion with their fans and with younger artists.

"We're still growing a lot," Bret says. "Our live show continues to improve and evolve and we always give it our all onstage. We have so much fun playing, even all these years later. And we've gotten to work and tour with so many different artists. We've learned a lot from them. Everything we do is done from love. We feel good to all be sitting at a table, laughing, twenty years later. It's the three of us, just like when we were kids. Because we were together long before we were a band and we're still such good friends. We can't stop doing this and we don't want to ever stop enjoying it."
Ky Mani Marley
Ky Mani Marley
The Marley surname perpetuates Jamaican royalty, resonates world-wide recognition and represents the pioneer of a cultural, political and social revolution. Reggae Icon and Legend Bob Marley blessed the world with his timeless, brilliant and message filled sound which continues to inspire and influence audiences today. With such a living past, Bob Marley’s conviction and passion for music unintentionally was passed to the lives of his offspring and has allowed the Marley name to remain relevant amongst the hierarchy of the reggae sound. Son of "Bob Marley" Bob Marley and "Table tennis" table tennis champion Anita Belnavis, .Ky-mani Marley is the second youngest of Bob Marley’s eleven children. While bearing the Marley name, Ky-mani’s childhood told a different story. Born in Falmouth, Trelawney, settling in Miami at the age of 7, Ky-mani was raised in the inner-city in a 2 bedroom home along with 8 family members. Being exposed to an urban lifestyle, Ky-mani adopted the attitude that all people are equal – no one is above or beneath him. This attitude has become the motto for the way he lives his life today. Humble. Soft-Spoken. Sincere. Loyal. Honest. Genuine. These are the makings of Ky-mani Marley. As a child Ky-mani had no interest following in the footsteps of his world-famous father and was more inclined to play sports. However, the seed that was planted by Bob’s legacy sprouted in 1997 when Ky-mani teamed up with hip hop artist Pras of The Fugees and collaborated on Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue”. This would be the defining moment in Ky-mani’s journey which would lead him to pick up the torch his iconic father lit so many years ago. Remaining true to his Jamaican culture, Ky-mani’s fondness for all genres of music influences the work he creates. Ky-mani is an artist with no limits. Incorporating world music, hip hop, blues, rock and a grass roots sound into his music, the end product is the pure representation of life for Ky-mani. The Ky-mani Marley sound is one that transcends cultural lines and prohibits him from being categorized as only a reggae artist. His raw, unadulterated, gruff sound captures the listener and reverberates the essence of Ky-mani’s life story. Songs such as “Dear Dad”, “I Pray”, “Ghetto Soldier” display the versatility and fiery-passion Ky-mani exudes when sharing his voyage through song. Peace. One Love. Unity. Street Life. These are the makings of Kymani Marley’s music. In 2002, Ky-mani starred as the character Kassa in One Love. Amongst film festivals and critics this film is another masterpiece in the Ky-mani Marley collection, it was released in theaters throughout the Caribbean and Europe. In addition, Ky-mani is set to reprise his lead role in Shottas II.
Subsequent the release of his album Radio in September 2007, Ky-mani has been on tour with Van Halen and done all major festivals in Europe and South America during 2008.
His television credits include: BET J – Living the Life of Marley; NBC/Telemundo - The Shuffle; Fox - Happy Hour with Cody Willard and Rebecca Gomez, Music Choice, MTV Jams and VH1 Soul to name a few. With a new energy and revitalized spirit, the future is promising for Ky-mani., his autobiography "Dear Dad" was released on February 6th, 2010. He is working on his new clothing line Konfrontation, focusing on his non-profit organization LOAF, Love Over All Foundation while relentlessly recording new and exciting material for his upcoming album "Evolution of a Revolution" that will surely represent a new era of sound. The new recordings will continue to highlight the myriad of Ky-mani’s influences. His new works will prove to be a blend of genres that will touch the inner-soul of each listener.
Don Carlos
Don Carlos
Don Carlos (born Euvin Spencer) Legendary Reggae Artist was born and raised in one of the most deprived regions of Western Kingston, Jamaica, in a district notoriously known as Waterhouse, which incidentally is also a musical spawning ground for many of Reggae's greatest ever talents, such as King Tubby, Black Uhuru, The Jays, Junior Reid and King Jammy, to name but a few. Don Carlos started his singing career in 1973 as one of the original members of Black Uhuru, alongside other founding members, Garth Dennis who later went on to joining the Wailing Souls, and Derrick Ducky Simpson. As part of the trio, Don sang lead on the highly acclaimed Love Crisis album, for producer Prince Jammy in 1977. This album was later re-released and re-titled as Black Sounds of Freedom. A year after the trio's groundbreaking debut, Don Carlos surprisingly decided to leave Black Uhuru in pursuit of a solo career. Within three years as a solo artist, developing his song writing and grooming his distinctive vocal style, in May 1981 Suffering was released. This strong release took the fraternity by storm, courtesy of a heavy roots and culture flavored showcase for the Negus Roots label. This album was a massive hit in Africa, selling unprecedented units. Unfortunately, the album was bootlegged, and Don never received proper royalties.
At this time, he worked alongside Goldie, his sidekick, co writer, and back up vocalist. Together they built a staunch following through touring the live circuit and releasing consistant albums including Harvest Time, Day to Day Living, Them Never Know A Natty Dread Have Credentials, all three issued in 1982, Spread Out 1982 also otherwise known as Laser Beam to which the majority of tracks in this set have been culled, Never Run Away 1984, Just a Passing Glance 1985 and more recently Seven Days a Week. Don's partner, Gold was tragically shot and crippled, putting him out of the music business.

During the eighties dance hall mania, Don had five top ten hits between 1982 – 1985- Late Night Blues, Nice Time Tonight, Dice Cup, Hog & Goat, I'm Not Getting Crazy and Spread Out. Don is still churning out solid, melodic roots reggae. Other titles in his rich catalogue include Roots and Culture, Raving Tonight, Pure Gold, Spread Out, Plantation, Never Run Away, Slow Down Vol. 3, Rasta Brothers, Prophecy, Firehouse Clash, Deeply Concerned, Ease Up, Lazer Beam, Ras Portraits, Grove w/me, Head to Head, Jah Light, Live in San Francisco (2002), and Special Edition. There's an old saying in the music industry that claims: What goes around, comes back around. In Dons' case, a request for reinstatement to his former role as lead vocalist for a rejuvenated Black Uhuru reunion resulted in another strong Black Uhuru album – Now. 1990 marked the reunion of the original vocal trio with Don, Garth and Duckie. After six years- 1989-1994- and four albums, singing lead for Black Uhuru in the studio, and on the road, Don again went back to his solo career. His other titles with Black Uhuru include Mystical Truths, Iron Storm and Strong. All of these four albums are classics with Don up front on lead vocals.

After the Black Uhuru stretch, Don joined forces with the California based Reggae Angels, who backed him for four years. He then kept some of the core Reggae Angels musicians for his own permanent backing band. He has been touring successfully with this band in Europe, South America, Hawaii, and the western US. Don's popularity has been consistently growing, so he is now one of the most sought after roots reggae artists in the business. Check him out online at www.doncarlosinternational.com or www.doncarlosjamaica.com
Mike Love
Aloha, my name is Mike Love. For those of you who don't already know me, here's a little info:

I was born and raised on the island of O'ahu in Hawai'i and grew up in Kalama Valley about 5 minutes from Sandy Beach. I am first and foremost a father and a husband and a son. I am a vegan. I am a spiritual person, but I'm not religious. I am a musician. Music has been an integral part of my existence since before I can remember. I can always remember singing, just singing wherever and whenever, no matter how bad I sounded, I just always loved to sing. I played a few different instruments and finally settled down on the guitar at around 16. Soon after, I started writing songs, many horrible songs. I wrote at least 50 before I actually produced one I was proud of.

My main musical influence came from my family and friends. I never really had any formal musical training, besides some piano lessons when I was young, so I really just learned from listening and watching. I was blessed to make music with so many talented musicians, and I really credit most of the skill and style that I've developed to that. I feel so lucky to have been raised in a musical family, growing up watching my Dad and Grandpa write songs, it really had a big impact on me. I watched people I knew around me making incredible music, and it amazed me. I thought to myself "I can do that!" Seeing them do it before my very eyes somehow made it tangible and possible. So here I am, doing my best to fulfill my dreams of being a professional musician. Somehow against all odds and the opinions of my high school counselors, I am successfully raising a family and paying my bills by playing my own original music. How amazing it feels! I can't put it into words, but I thank the Creator every day for blessing me with this life immersed in music.

I also feel heavily influenced by the beautiful land I was so lucky to be raised in. These islands that we call home are filled with such diverse beauty and mystery, that you can't help but develop a poetic nature from living here. The beautiful forests, the deep carved valleys, the rivers that run to the sea. The immensely powerful ocean, with its healing energy, and the long sandy beaches and rock cliffs. I feel like growing up here has given me a perspective you just can't get in most places. It manifests itself in the lyrics that repeatedly show up in my songs, reflecting on Mother Nature and her gifts, and our responsibility to protect Her.

Over the years I have been so blessed to share the stage with many of the artists I have admired and looked up to, including Groundation, Steel Pulse, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and many more. I have been able to work directly with musicians whom I hold in the highest regard, Paula Fuga, Jah Gumby of Father Psalms Studios, Bambu Station, Ooklah the Moc, John Cruz, Tavana and many others.

I played in many live bands, doing my first club gig at 16. It was about 5 years ago that I played my first solo gig. I was really hesitant to do it, but we needed the money, and the timing of it made sense. After a little while I began to like the freedom of it, and also the accountability. If it didn't sound good or the timing was off or the pitch was flat, there was no one else to blame. It really made me reevaluate myself as a musician. I think that was the main turning point in my career. I started thinking of new creative ways to make long shows interesting with only one musician on stage. I started to use a loop pedal to record loops live. Beatboxing, basslines, rhythm parts, harmonies, whatever I had to do to keep it interesting and unique, but stay true to myself and my musical message. That was when people really started to pay attention to what I was doing. I started writing all kinds of different music I had never felt free enough to write before, and I loved it. I really started to feel a more pure connection with my audience, and I noticed how much more affected they were by my music and message than ever before.

Over the past few years my fan base has grown immensely and the support I feel has driven me to work harder than ever, musically. I have crafted a live show that continuously draws in new fans and keeps the old ones coming back again and again. I just returned from a tour of the west coast with my trio, featuring Paula Fuga and Sam Ites. We had a great time and were met with great enthusiasm everywhere we went, planting many seeds for future ventures.

I have been working hard for the last year or so in the Soul Sound studio on my first solo album, entitled "The Change I'm Seeking" due out late 2012. I really feel, that after all I've accomplished, musically, this album will be a good representation of where I'm at right about now. Listening back now as we are mixing it, I feel really happy with what we have captured and I have a good feeling that it will be well received. The musicians that have helped me on this album are all amazing, as well as producer, Shawn Livingston Moseley, who has done a great job helping me to capture the elusive "vibe". I am so excited to release this record, so that I can finally get all these people to stop bugging me about "when are you going to put out an album?!" Just kidding.

Well, I hope that this has given you a little more insight into who I am, and if not, just listen to the music. The songs come straight through my heart and soul. It's who I am and what I want to be and what I want to say straight from the source.

One Love,
Venue Information:
Hard Rock Outdoor Arena
50 US-50
Lake Tahoe, NV, 89449